You Have My Heart

Spring Tease... 
We've had a bit of a Spring teaser the past couple of days with the warm weather. I was actually able to sit on my porch for awhile and breathe in the fresh air.
I have to heart belongs to Spring right now! The cold, bitter winter is old!
I'm longing for warm weather, bright sunshine, and beautiful blooming flowers and trees! How about you?
Sweet Carlina...
Today I'm working with my "Sweet Carlina" Digi stamp. I offered her as a FREEBIE when I first created her. I hope you had a chance to grab her during my "Love & Friendship" promo.
My "Sweet Carlina" card is #3 of 3 using this FABULOUS color palette!
I hope you have followed along with the variations of images and card designs using this palette. If not check out "All of Me" & "Celebrate Your Special Day"
I really enjoyed playing around with different patterns to make each card look individual.  
Even though winter is not quite finished with us yet, the anticipation of Spring was definitley my inspiration for this card. 
Spring...You have my Heart!
Card Recipe:
I hope I have inspired you to play around with color and design this week!
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