Shake Your Flakes

Joe Frost has made it to Publication!  
This card has been published in Creative Scrapbooker Winter 2019 Issue
Snowmen are one of my favorite parts of winter. I remember when we were young, all the kids in the neighborhood would get together, on the first good snow fall, to make the biggest snowman our little fingers could possibly make.
Team Work...
We quickly realized that the only way we could build the biggest snowman in the neighborhood would be if we worked together. So we started off, early one snowy morning, with a little snowball and rolled it around the backyard. By late afternoon, we had rolled and rolled, until the once small snowball became much too big for us smaller kids, to roll anymore. It was time for the bigger kids to jump in and help...and they did!
There must have been at least 20 of us working together to see how big we could make our giant snowman. Before long, some of our father's came home from work and were so impressed with our efforts that they jumped right in to help too. I think, by the time the yard was completely rolled out of snow, our snowman stood almost as tall as the two-story house we were playing behind. least that's how it looked to me!
Frosty Feelings...
I'm pretty sure that famous neighborhood snowball day has gone down in my memory as one of the most fun I ever had with all the kids in the area at one time. Working together for a common goal seemed to remove any bad feelings, or secluded groups we may have had for one another, for one day. As a matter of fact, I think we all became good friends after that. It's amazing the things we can accomplish if we all work together.
In case you were wondering, it took the entire Winter, and a couple weeks into Spring, to completely melt all traces of our giant snowman!
Almost every winter since that "neighborhood record breaking day", I think about our snowman. 
Big, Small, Thin, Tall...
I just love them all! For me, it starts around the Summer time. I begin to think about little frosty snowmen, and start to sketch a few, with thoughts of what kind of personalities each one might have.
This year, one of my favorites has to be this little guy! Meet "Joe Frost"...he's a cool little dude with his candy cane in hand. Isn't he?
Candy canes are another one of my favorite Holiday treats...but that's for another time.
In honor of our giant snowman, of years gone by, I decided to create a snowball, of sorts, circle easel card using "Joe Frost".
Card Recipe:
Cardstock: Kraft Paper
White Cardstock
Markers: Copic - YR65  YG61
Spectrum Noir: RB4  DR3  TB1
 Enamel Dots: Frosty Winter Clear
Ribbon: Sheer Wintergreen
Ribbed White
Shake Your Flakes & Let the Holidays Begin!
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