Carolina's Coffee Break

 May is my Studio Spotlight on Carolina!

Carolina has been a part of my Design Team since 2017. She has been a Fabulous addition to my team as she always makes beautiful, feminine, and chic designs! 

Aside from being very creative, Carolina is very sweet, kind, and loving!  She has been a joy to work with! Her designs are very recognizable...they are full of fabulous delicate color combos and lots of girly elements. Carolina brings out the feminity of my Digi Doodles images.  

I created a Digi Doodle inspired by Carolina's love for her beautiful daughters. Carolina is very much family oriented which is evident on her social media. I tried to capture her love of coffee, and the love and warmth she shares with her daughters in this sweet image called "Carolina's Coffee Break".


I thought it might be fun to interview Carolina and give you a chance to learn more about her!

Lets get to know Carolina!

DDS: Describe yourself in 3 words?
Carolina: "Describe yourself" is a super hard question. I'm super honest don't like to lie. Also I am very Vanilla simple. Super protected and like organization, cleanness.
DDS: What's your favorite Holiday and why?
Carolina: My favorite Holiday is Christmas. Love Christmas for many reason. We have created a tradition since we got married to pick a natural/real Christmas tree. Love decorating my little condo inside and out. Love wearing sweaters and baking treats. 
DDS: Name something you love and why?
Carolina: I love makeup/cosmetic. Why? I am the canvas when I wear makeup. It's absolutely fun to see the result after you have finished getting ready. I love to learn new makeup techniques.
DDS: Did you grow up in a creative household?
Carolina: Unfortunately Not
DDS: Were you encouraged to pursue your creativity?
Carolina: My husband is my number one fan. He always encourages me!
DDS: What, or who, inspired you to start paper crafting?
Carolina: Don't remember the name of the show from the 90's, but it was a mature lady always showcasing products and creating projects on her TV channel.
DDS: How would you describe your paper crafting style?
Carolina: From simple to shabby chic. Depends on what kind of mood I am in.
DDS: What is a typical day like for you?
Carolina: I wake up early get ready for work. Get my girls ready for school.  Drop my girls at two separated schools. Get to work. Pick up my girls from school. cooked dinner and help with homework. Get them ready for swimming lesson or their Girl scout meeting. Put girls to bed and them my free time!
DDS: When do you feel the most creative?
Carolina: When I have the day off from work. My creativity starts in the morning after I drop my girls off at school...the house is peaceful and quiet. 
DDS: How do you get in the “Zone” while working on your projects?
Carolina: I love either watching some make tutorials or watching a TV series. I just finished watching 8 seasons of HOUSE.

DDS: Do you have a dedicated work space...if so, what is your favorite part about it? If not ...what would your dream space look like?

Carolina: My bedroom is large. I have a desk and some shelves holding some of my craft-supplies. Also I have a walk-in closet with some shelves holding more crafts. My desk is half of the time messy, with projects I need to finish.

DDS: How do you organize your craft stash? 

Carolina: I have small plastic bin and any larger products are inside my drawers.

DDS: How do you...or do you...organize and plan your projects? 

Carolina: I usually started with what image I want to used either rubber stamp or digital stamp. Them the pattern paper.  Now what kind of media do I want to used to colored. 
DDS: What is you favourite colour combo?
Carolina:  I'm crazy for pink. 95% of my cards and projects are made using pink...I think pink can go with any color!
DDS: What is your favourite crafting supply ...or what is one you could never do without?
Carolina: My favorite crafty supply is Ranger Stickles (Diamond or Star Dust)
DDS: What draws you to Digi Doodles?
Carolina:  Dina is so talented, hers digital images are so realistic and fun to me. My favorite images are her girls and babies. I also was introduced to Dina through High Hopes Rubber Stamps, another company she design for.
DDS: What are your top 5 Favourite Digi Doodles?
Carolina:  It's hard to pick just five ladies. But here is my top five
DDS: If you couldn't paper craft, what would you be doing?
Carolina:  Another hard question; I can't imaging myself not paper crafting. I be doing some painting or probably cloche. 
DDS: What advice would you give someone just getting started in paper crafting?
Carolina:  Don't buy tools or paper crafts they're trying secretly sell you on YouTube tutorials. I made that mistake buying so many color ink pads, stamps and paper from S.U Be yourself sometimes mistakes are fixable. 
Carolina has created this beauitful card using "Carolina's Coffee Break" Digi Stamps for the purpose of her Spotlight Interview.
I hope getting to know a little more about Carolina has inspired you to tap into your own creativity! 
You can visit Carolina on her Blog: Made With Love Cards
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