Lisa J


Lisa has been a part of my Design Team since 2017. She has been an integral part of my team almost from the moment she joined on.
Aside from being one of my DT Creatives, Lisa is also my DT Coordinator, Sponsor Coordinator and right arm! She is Fabulous! 
I thought it would be fun to interview Lisa and give you a chance to learn more about her.
Let's get to know Lisa! 
DDS: Lisa, please describe yourself in 3 words?  
Lisa: Creative, Organised & Helpful  
DDS: What's your favorite Holiday and why?
Lisa: I love to be anywhere that is warm.  I have even had good holidays in the UK when its been warm!
DDS: Name something you love and why? 
Lisa: I Love Colouring, I find it relaxing
DDS: Did you grow up in a creative household?
Lisa: My Mum knits and my dad did 3d decoupage
DDS: Were you encouraged to pursue your creativity?
Lisa: Yes my parents always liked to see what I would make next
DDS: What, or who, inspired you to start paper crafting?
Lisa: I saw a picture in 3d decoupage at a craft fair and wanted to try it
DDS: How would you describe your paper crafting style?
Lisa: I don't think I have one although at the moment I am all about the colouring of the image and the image taking the stage so I guess I am in CAS Style mode!
DDS: What is a typical day like for you?
Lisa: Starts with sorting kids for school, cleaning the house, Picking up kids and taking to after school activities then crafting once they are settled or a book and glass of wine!
DDS: When do you feel the most creative?
Lisa: After a good nights sleep.  
DDS: How do you get in the “Zone” while working on your projects?
Lisa: I shut myself in the room with my craft stuff in deadly silence. I am not one of these people that work with music or noise.
 DDS: Do you have a dedicated work space...if so, what is your favorite part about it? If not ...what would your dream space look like?
Lisa: I would love a whole craft room with cupboards that everything tidies away in and work surfaces for my machines and trimmer. I would love not to have to pack everything away everytime I get it out!
DDS: How do you organize your craft stash?
Lisa: In plastic drawer units (which are overflowing)
DDS: How do you...or do you...organize and plan your projects?
Lisa: I choose image first then decide if its going to be a layered card or CAS
DDS: What is you favorite color combo?
Lisa: I love Monochrome projects so White plus one other
DDS: What is your favorite crafting supply ...or what is one you could never do without?
Lisa: I could not live without my X-Cut Corner Punch
DDS: What draws you to Digi Doodles?
Lisa: The faces, They are always so cute and smiley
DDS: What are your top 5 Favorite Digi Doodles?
Lisa: Thats very hard as there are so many. Sylvie Ballerina (The first Digi Doodle I ever coloured) Santa's Gifts, Finley Penguin, Ella & ChiChi & Witchy Shoes
DDS: If you couldn't paper craft, what would you be doing?
Lisa: Reading
DDS: Do you have funny paper crafting story you would like to share?
Lisa: Not really I continuously forget to check that my card blank is up the right way and have to take everything off to turn it round!
DDS: What advice would you give someone just getting started in paper crafting? 
Lisa: You can create with the minimum of materials so don't let cost put you off.  You need a digi and a card blank and something to colour it with and you are off! Most if all it needs to be fun!
I created a Digi Doodle inspired by Lisa's personality! Her name is "Lisa J at Play" and you can find her in the Studio!
Lisa has created this lovely card using this image for the purpose of her Spotlight Interview. 
I hope getting to know a little more about Lisa has inspired you to tap into your own creativity! 
You can visit Lisa on her Blog: My Crafty Train
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