Meghan and Maddie Get Fit

Meghan is one of my more recent Design Team Members, and I couldn't be happier! She has been a Fabulous addition to my DT Creatives!

Aside from being a very talented, creative and dependable, Meghan is full of energy and on board with everything we try to do in the Studio! She is a ray of sunshine on a rainy day! Meghan is a joy to work with! 
I created a Digi Doodle inspired by Meghan's passion and her adorable puppy Maddie! As you read a little about her, you will quickly discover why this Digi Doodle is perfect for Meghan!
Meghan offers some great insight to her energetic life, so I thought it would fun to share her with you!
I had the pleasure of interviewing Meghan and tapping into her creativity. So, Let's get to know Meghan...


DDS: Describe yourself in 3 words?
Meghan: Fitness Junkie, Creative, Witty
DDS: What's your favorite Holiday and why?
Meghan: Christmas! I love to give REALLY Creative Presents and homemade things. And I love the decorations.
DDS: Name something you love and why?
Meghan: Maddie, My maltipoo, she changed my life, made me more selfless and caring. I don't have kids and I have never felt such unconditional love

DDS: Did you grow up in a creative household?
Meghan: YES! You should have seen my Christmas mornings and Birthdays... my dad is the KING of present wrapping and decoration. And my mom should have been an interior designer.

DDS: Were you encouraged to pursue your creativity?
Meghan: 100%! My parents bought us crafty kits and art supplies for every occasion. My sister and I started scrapbooking and card making in Middle School and turned our basement into a craft center with sticker racks, paper racks etc. I continued this pursuit into college, managing a craft store, working at Archivers, then Factory Card & Party Outlet. I even went to the Art Institute of Chicago for a semester and pursued being an Art Teacher for awhile.

DDS: What, or who, inspired you to start paper crafting?
Meghan: I worked for a small craft store in town when I was in high school and into college and I got to go to all the craft shows and see all the new scrapbooking and cardmaking things before they came out! I started scrapbooking in Middle School just using magazine and cutting out letters etc because my family LOVES to take pictures so I wanted to have a way to display them. I continue to scrapbook but just recently in the last 2 years got into cardmaking! 

DDS: How would you describe your paper crafting style?
Meghan: Whimsical, Cutesy and BRIGHT COLORS and Patterns!
DDS: What is a typical day like for you?
Meghan: I wake up, have a huge breakfast eggs, coffee, sweet potatoes with almond butter on them, then I workout A LOT, then I personal train 2-3 clients, get on email and email online clients and accountability clients, I walk Maddie 4x a day probably a total of 3-5 miles a day, I finish my day on the couch watching Netflix True Crime Documentaries or shows. Anytime I am not with a client I am listening to True Crime podcasts, I subscribe to over 80!

DDS: When do you feel the most creative?
Meghan: Early Evening and Sundays. I like to have nothing else on my mind like a workout to do or a client to train. So Sunday is my "REST" day and I have no clients so I craft all day long

DDS: How do you get in the “Zone” while working on your projects?
Meghan: I like to look at sketches and challenges for inspiration on blogs, pinterest etc.

DDS: Do you have a dedicated work space...if so, what is your favorite part about it? If not ...what would your dream space look like?
Meghan: Yes, My basement is half my fitness center, filled with weights, kettlebells, barbells etc and half craft filled with sticker racks, paper racks, my FAV part is the Rainbow colored Mason Jars I made with little faces on them for all my different color pens and pencils.

DDS: How do you organize your craft stash?
Meghan: Working on it.... I have all my digis separated into theme and brand but my stamps and stencils and dies are a work in progress. I am doing the Jennifer McQuire method and I would say I'm a third of the way through getting them labeled and in envelopes

DDS: How do you...or do you...organize and plan your projects?
Meghan: I don't organize my projects unless I am scrapbooking a specific event and bought papers and stickers to match. Sometimes I will use a 6x6 paper pack to pick colors for a stamped image too. But other than that I just go with the flow

DDS: What is you favorite color combo?
Meghan: Yellow and Blue in the Spring and Summer.... Red and Green in the Winter 
DDS: What is your favorite crafting supply ...or what is one you could never do without?
Meghan: Copic Markers! They have been incredible! Not only for coloring perfectly but also just brought a whole new form of meditation and calming presence for me, I have huge anxiety and am always MOVING so it forces me to relax.

DDS: What draws you to Digi Doodles?
Meghan: What is there not to love? I love the whimsical look, they are SOOOOO CUTE! And at first I thought I wanted thicker lines and not so much detail but as I got better with copics and saw all the gorgeous intricacies I have come to love them even more!

DDS: What are your top 5 Favorite Digi Doodles?
Acacia & Mugs                          Faithful Friends                  Serina Mermaid
Zoe & Charlie                             Tea Time
 (P.S I can't believe you just made me pick ONLY 5, that was SOOOO HARD) 

DDS: If you couldn't paper craft, what would you be doing?
Meghan: Working out...or acrylic painting canvas or wood creations.

DDS: Do you have funny paper crafting story you would like to share?
Meghan: One word GLITTER, you can figure out the rest

DDS: What advice would you give someone just getting started in paper crafting?
Meghan: Start small! Get yourself digital stamps to start and see if you enjoy coloring...before you go buying copic markers and prisma pencils. If you don't like it, then try scrapbooking some of your pictures, do a mini album. Basically try everything and find your own niche, don't do something just because everyone else seems to be doing it. I know I don't like floral and stamp layering it just frustrates me, some people make these GORGEOUS realistic floral creations and while I love them, it's just not me.
I hope getting to know a little more about Meghan has inspired you to tap into your own creativity! 
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