A Handmade Gift In Loving Memory

A handmade card, or gift, is often more meaningful than a gift that was store-bought.

Doesn't it just make your heart happy when someone gives you something that was only meant for you? How about when you give someone something you created just for them? It says so much about the person you are giving the gift to, and it also says so much about you! A handmade card, or gift, says you care enough to take the time to make something exclusive, and just as unique, as the individual who is receiving the gift.

Digi Doodles Maddy & MollyHandcrafted with Love!

If you have ever had your grandmother's homemade peanut butter cookies, you would know that they taste a 100% better than a store-bought peanut butter cookie. Why is that? There is no other reason than that homemade is "handcrafted in LOVE"! You can taste it, you can feel it, and you can feel it in your heart.

As a maker you feel great joy in creating something special using your God-Given, or learned, talents. The giver (if not the same person) also feels great joy, in selecting the perfect person capable to create something handmade, as well as giving something unique and special to someone they care about. And the recipient can't help but feel important, loved, and worth the time and effort they know was put into their new treasured gift. 

 A handmade card, or gift, is also very personal.

As a maker, you are able to create the perfect design, choose the recipients, favorite colors, incorporate the right textures, embellishments, and of course, create something that speaks to their special interests.  

In Loving Memory. 

A friend of mine called me one day to ask me to create a figurine for a friend of
theirs who was broken hearted from losing their beloved Yorkie. It startled me at first, because I haven't played around with clay in long time, and I wasn't confident that I could create such an important gift for someone who was in so much pain.

My friend reminded me of the figurine I made for her a few years ago, and how much the handmade gift meant to her. Although we no longer live near each other, she still keeps her gift on her desk as a reminder of our friendship and the two loves she once had.     

Forever in my heart. As a pet parent, and animal lover myself, who has lost pets way too soon, I couldn't say no to my friend. Although I don't know the person the gift was intended for, my friend did ... she knew her well enough to know, a handmade gift created especially for her, at this difficult time in her life, just might be the loving gesture she needed, to cheer her up.  

Going the Extra Mile...

And so ... I set out to created a little Yorkie figurine. 

As far as skill, it definitely wasn't perfect by any means, but as far as the message behind the handmade figurine, there was no question....this gift was spot on. I was excited as I was making this little Yorkie, and while in my "happy place", everything stated to come back to me. I remembered the tools I had and all the different colors and embellishments that I use when working with clay. What at first felt a little intimidating, became a lot of fun and before I knew it, hours had passed and a little Yourkie pup emerged.

It still needed something else...a sentiment, Yes! Oh and I have a Digi Stamp, called Maddy & Molly Yorkie, in my Studio. Although, my friend didn't ask for one, I knew a handmade card would be a perfect addition to this thoughtful gift, and my friend could write a special message, from her heart, inside to truly personalize this gift. 

The Handmade Card Creation.


I printed out Maddy & Molly Yorkie from my Digi Doodles Cutie Paws Collection, on a piece of white card stock and colored them up with Copics, watercolors and colored pencils. (My favorite mediums)

I then cut the Digi Doodle out with my Silhouette Die Cutting Machine along with the sweet sentiment, "Thinking of You Makes Me Smile" from the Friendship Sentiments Collection

I chose the


 background papers for this card from, what else, The Cutie Paws Background Paper Collection which I affixed to a piece of Kraft Paper that I folded into a 6"x6"card.

I added some paper flowers and a few other embellishments and my card was finished and ready to go.

Everybody Wins!

My handmade gifts were completed, my friend was so happy, and her friend, the lady who was mourning the loss of her beloved Yorkie was touched beyond belief.

If you are a maker, of any sort, you already know the joy that comes with gift giving. And if you want to be a maker but aren't sure you can create something, just put that thought behind you and move forward. You will be happy you did, and you may even surprise yourself and make someone extremely happy!

But if you are not creative at all, or don't think you are, just go ahead and ask a creative you do know, to make something fabulous for you! They will love it, you will love it, and the person you are giving a gift to will surely love it! Everybody wins!


I hope we have inspired you in some way today!
Everyday is a gift so do something today that brings you and others great joy!
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