Celebrate Your Special Day

Rough Day... 
Today has been a fairly rough day! But I'm going to try turn it around.
Have you ever felt like your day just got off to a bad start and continued that way all day long? It happens! 
I usually stop, take a breath, regroup and turn on some peaceful music if possible. If not...I turn off all noise and dive into my work until I feel better.
On this particular "redo" day, I decided work with "Swinging Hearts"!  I mean look at her sweet little face! I don't know about you, but she makes me smile. 
Inspiration for "Swinging Hearts"...
When my son was young and having a really bad, he would become so overwhelmed, as most little children do.
One day, while my heart was breaking over his "bad day", I decided to change his outlook the best way I knew how as a young mom. We sat on his bed together. I listened intently while he poured his little heart out.  When he was finished, I picked up our homeschool chalkboard eraser and told him we were going to "erase the day"!
He was confused until he watched me reach up in the air with the chalkboard eraser, and wipe the day clean!
Celebrate Your Special Day...
It worked! He was so happy he no longer had to live in the bad day! He believed he now had the opportunity, and control, to start all over and make it the best day ever! 
He hugged me ever so tightly and began to giggle. Soon the bad day was completely gone and forgotten! We decided to "Celebrate Our Special Day" by going to the park and swing our day to happiness! 
This memory was my inspiration for "Swinging Hearts". A bad day turned into an amazing day to remember.
And...my son kept that chalkboard eraser beside his bed from that point forward. If ever he felt he was having a bad day he simply "erased the day" and started over. 
Reality check...if only it was that easy for adults, right? 
Bottom Line...
Whether it's your birthday, a holiday, a milestone, or just a great day in your life..."Celebrate Your Special Day"
Card Recipe:

Stamps: Digi Doodles Swinging Hearts


Watercolors: Simply Art Watercolor Tray

Inks: Ranger Distressed Oxide “Peacock Feathers”

Die Cuts: Gina Marie Designs Pleated Rectangles

Punches: Ek Success Heart Punch

Misc. Embellishments: 



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