Every Day is a Gift

A Milestone...
Franci & Bosco Digi Doodles Birthday Digi Stamp
This week my husband had a milestone birthday. Most people would either be so excited, or so depressed, but not my husband. He was completely indifferent! Not because it was a milestone day, but simply because it was just his birthday.
He has to be one of the sweetest, kindest people one might ever meet, but...he does NOT like to celebrate...anything! It's ironic really, because I enjoy celebrating, especially celebrating people that I love and care about.
It's Time to Party!
Franci & Bosco Digi Doodles Birthday Digi Stamp
So my husband's indifference toward celebrating his birthday, not only this year, but every year, started me thinking about birthdays, and celebrations of all of the special moments in our lives! 
A friend of mine, of many years, never seems to need a reason to celebrate. She can turn anything, on any given day, into a reason to have party! It's amazing...and truly contagious!
Rain or shine...she will find a way to make the day a memorable moment!
Franci & Bosco Digi Doodles Birthday Digi Stamp
It's a wonderful way to look at  life isn't it? If we focus on the joys and happiness as much as possible, we would probably walk through life with much more joy and happiness. 
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ~ Matthew 6:21
Everyday is a gift, to be unwrapped and cherished...to focus on our blessings and have a chance to bless another. 
Franci & Bosco Digi Doodles Birthday Card
Even though my husband didn't want to celebrate his milestone birthday, I still celebrated him, and all that he means to me.
We had a wonderful day together, and he was even spoiled just a little, with some Sushi for lunch...his favorite...not mine!
So don't be afraid to celebrate even the smallest of moments in your life. Chances are, you will remember them more than those that quietly slipped away.
What will you Celebrate today?
Card Recipe:
5x7 Folded White Card Stock 
Pierced Rectangle Die: Spellbinder's Nestabilities
I hope we have inspired you in some way today!
Everyday is a gift so do something today that brings you and others great joy!
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Take time to enjoy your everyday – doing something that brings you great joy!

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