Hanging Around the Pumpkin Patch

My Favorite....

Autumn has to be one of my favorite seasons! My other favorites have to be Winter, Spring and Summer! Ok....so it's really hard for me to have a favorite! Each season brings with it their own beauty, don't you think? I love them all! 

Maybe your childhood wasn't the best, or maybe it was amazing. Either way, can you think of a special memory you have tucked away for a season? 

Digi Doodles Patti's Pumpkin Patch Digi Print

Counting the days,,,

Fall is only days away and I feel like a little kid again! I can't wait to see the leaves change color to beautiful shades of red, orange, brown and gold! Or smell the apples, cinnamon, pumpkins and the gentle smoke of wood burning fireplaces floating through the air, as I walk in the cool, crisp Autumn air. 

And the Fall festivals are just as amazing! Sometimes we travel miles and miles to be inspired, and meet fabulously creative merchants, with unique handcrafted gifts, home baked goods, and listen jouyful music! Have you ever experienced these festivals? They are so much fun! Im checking my calendar as we speak!

 A Childhood Blessing to Remember... 


Digi Doodles Patti's Pumpkin Patch I can remember as a child, as soon as the leaves would start to change, we would go on a long adventure to upstate NY. It was a fabulously scenic car ride!  Many people think of NY as Manhattan, but, as crowded and busy as New Your City is, it is really only just a small island of the state of NY. Taking a trip upstate meant beautiful rolling hills, farmlands, and small lakes, rivers and ponds. As we drove and drove, I gazed out of the window in amazement of all the variety of vibrant fall colors covering the huge sugar maple trees. 

 Pumpkins, Homemade Donuts, and Freshly Pressed Apple Cider



The long road trip took us to a huge farm owned by an elderly husband and wife and run by their family. Stepping out of the car, we were overwhelmed by the scent of fresh, hot, homemade donuts and warm apple cider!

Digi Doodles Patti's Pumkin Patch

We would wander around through their farm stand to see all the Fall isnpired treats and souveniers, and then we would take our own little bag of donuts, and a cup of apple cider out to a nearby picnic table to just sit and bask in the beauty of Autumn...It was such a treat!

Surrounded by the cool, crisp Autumn air, and the peaceful silence, made me feel like I was in another world. 

 Hanging Around the Pumpkin Patch...

When our time at the picnic table was over, my brothers, and sister, and I, would roam around through the pumpkin patch to choose our very own pumpkin! It often became a competition to see who could find the best pumpkin in the patch that we could actually carry!

Patti's Pumpkin Patch...

Which brings me to Patti's Pumpkin Patch! This sweet little image is an adorable digi stamp, definitely inspired by my childhood  Autumn memory!

Those days are long gone, and I haven't been to that particular Pumpkin Patch in more years than I care to say, but the feeling and the memories live on.

Not only was it one of the reasons I drew Patti, but it also brought me great joy as I relived this memory while working on this card....which is why I decided to take you along with me! I'm sure you all have amazing memories, and I would love to hear about them, if you feel like sharing.

Card Recipe:
Patti's Pumpkin Patch Handmade Card
Colored with Copics, Watercolors, and Colored Pencils on White Cardstock
Card Base: Kraft Cards
II hope we have inspired you in some way today!
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