Midnight Prancer

A Dog Lover...
I am a dog lover and always have been! Early on in my adult life, I dreamed of one day adopting a big black dog. I didn't have any preconceived notions as to what breed it should be, or whether it should have long or short hair, but I did have a few names picked out.
A Dog's Tale...
Many years later, on Mother's Day, as I drove through a quiet neighborhood, I noticed a group of little black puppies, playing energetically, in a yard fenced off from the rest of the world. I sat for a minute with my family and admired these little cuties. An elderly man motioned us to come over to take a closer look...well...he didn't have to ask me twice!
Random Act of Kindness...
This kind, gentle soul explained that his Black Lab had all these sweet little puppies with the neighbor's big, white Shepherd down the street. He surely couldn't keep them all, so he insisted that I choose any puppy I wanted. 
Taken back by his kindness and generosity, I carefully, and slowly, held each little treasure in my arms for a moment to look into their eyes. I have to admit, I am the type of person that if you show me a puppy, I will want to take it home, so you can imagine how hard it was to choose among a sea of puppies! 
 After some time, I chose my little "Keira". Her name means black beauty, and so she was! Although I was married, with two young children at the time, Keira made it very clear that she was MY dog! Everywhere I was, Keira made sure she was too. We had an incredible connection. She was everything I dreamed my "big black dog" would be...beautiful, loving affectionate, protective of my family and home, playful, and loyal beyond all measures! She was the heartbeat at my feet and I loved her so much!
Keaira is the inspiration for this sweet little Digi Stamp, "Midnight Prancer". She absolutely loved Christmas! She also knew that I hid all the presents in my bedroom closet and she always had a way of sneaking in and finding all of her gifts before they actually made it under the tree. It was really quite comical and eventually became an annual game of hers.
I decided to create two variations of cards using "Midnight Prancer" just because this Digi Stamp was so much fun to work with.
I was blessed with seven fabulous years with my beautiful Keaira, until an auto immune disease took her from me about 11 years ago. I think of her often and even though I have had, and still have, amazingly wonderful pets since her, there has never been another like her. 
Card Recipe:
Markers: Copics...YG61 YR65 B12
Spectrum Noir...RB3  MB3  DR5  BG10  BG8 
Colored Pencils
Basic Easel Card Design - Silhouette Design Store
Enamel Dots: YNS Gumdrops...Black
Misc... Sheer Gold Ribbon 
Red Glitter Ribbon
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