Shakin' It Under the Sea

I have to say, I don't get a chance to create handmade cards as often as I would like. I am usually too busy designing Digi Doodles for everyone else to use, or designing Decorative Background Papers for Digi Doodles Card Making Projects, and/or designing Digital Scrapbook Collections for my Buncha Scraps DIgital Designs
But, when I finally do find a minute to sit down for some serious card making, I am totally in the zone! I just put on some music, or a Hallmark Movie, and I get busy!

So, today I want to share a design that was floating around my head ever since I created the Beautiful "Serina" Mermaid for my "Under the Sea Collection".  
Digi Doodles Serina Mermaid
I felt this Myhtical Lovely would make a perfect shaker card, and so I set out to create...
But there was a little bit of a challenge that I didn't consider as I took out all my
supplies... My son was away on business for a few days and he left me the exciting opportunity to do a little "Kittysitting" for his 6 month old baby girl, Kali.
Can you see where I'm going with this?
Our Kali Girl is so adorable, and we love her to pieces, BUT... she is a bit of a brat, and believe me, I say this with all the love in my heart! She constantly keeps us belly laughing, except of course when she is drawing blood from us, or ripping up my curtains, or tearing up my studio!
I should have known, Kali is like most of us girls...she loves ribbons and sparkle! Hence the challenge!! 
With that said, it even amazes me how I ever finished this Shaker card, but I did and here's how it all happened:
First of all, I printed out Serina on a piece of white card stock and then cut her out using my Silhouette (can't live wihtout it!) 
I folded a 5x7 card and printed out Decorative Papers from the "Summer Breeze" Collection and a Sentiment from the Mermaid Sentiments Collection:
I colored Serina using a combinaiton of mediums: 
Colored Pencils
You will see I often use a combination of mediums when I hand color my images because I love the effects and dimension it gives my projects. 
If yo uare new to coloring, you will definitely want to check out the coloring classes offered by Kit and Clowder. You will learn fabulous new techniques and be amazed at your progress in no time at all!!
Once I finished my printing and coloring, I cut some ovals out and placed a piece of sulophane behind them to give a window effect,
I added a bunch of sequins in colors of aqua blues, purples and pinks and then affixed the oval to my blue water backgorund paper.
For added touches, I used a couple of doilies, blue and white ribbons, and added a couple of YNS white Gumdrops.
I had so much fun creating this card, (yes, even while battling Kali Girl) that I really need to carve out some more card making time! 
I hope I have inspired you in some way today!
Everyday is a gift so do something today that brings you and others great joy!
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Take time to enjoy your everyday – doing something that brings you great joy!

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